Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Coming up!

As our Kickstarter campaign rolls on (see below), we're looking forward to having an exciting 2012. 

In January, Archer Spade will be quite active. We're heading to California to work with Roscoe Mitchell and our sax-friend Drew Cecatto to work on a piece that Thomas Buckner is commissioning Roscoe Mitchell to write for our trio. While we're out there, we'll be playing a concert with Ken Ueno and Matt Ingalls at CNMAT. When we return, we'll be debuting our new duo piece, So Timid Persons Can Kill Their Own Fowl, at a free show at the Rotunda in Philly. Two days later, we'll be finishing up with our fund raising and looking towards the future. 

We'll have details on some more events soon, including a premiere of Gene Coleman's new work in April.

See you soon!

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